Do Great Danes Chew Furniture?

Great Danes are lovely dogs to have around the house with their easy-going and gentle nature and minimal exercise requirements. They are huge dogs, though, and when they act up can be destructive, simply due to their size and strength.

Great Danes chew furniture when they are stressed, anxious, bored or just with general dog chewing behavior. They will chew wood, fabric and leather furniture and can be destructive. It is best to stop the action by having chewing toys, using sprays or the seclusion technique.

Unknown breed biting furniture

The dog tends to chew furniture, thus leaving a huge mess. The nipping behavior tends to advance with time, and if you don’t take any measures, you will end up having a huge problem at home. 

Why do Great Danes chew furniture?

There are many reasons why Great Danes chew furniture. However, it all narrows down to two main reasons, which are typical chewing behavior and chewing due to stress, anxiety or boredom.

Typical Chewing Behavior

Every dog tends to chew on stuff whenever the first teeth fall off, and newly grown teeth come in. By doing so, they end up getting relief from the pain involved. If you don’t put an end to the chewing behavior, your Great Dane will grow up destroying your furniture, even more, when it has sharp and mature teeth. This means that you need to pay more attention to your dog as soon as it starts chewing furniture. This way, you can control the behavior before it worsens.  

Great Dane puppy chewing pumpkin

Stress, Anxiety, and Boredom

Anyone who has a Great Dane will tell you that the dog doesn’t like being left alone. It is a friendly breed, and so it tends to react to boredom. This may make it channel its monotony to chewing furniture. The large dog also gets stressed and anxious at times. When this happens, it will even resort to the same chewing behavior as a way of occupying its mind.

Great Dane bored lying down

Some of the main reasons that can make a Great Dane become anxious include changes to your house or living spaces, new people or pets or a change to your routine.

Changes in the House

When you rearrange the house by entirely or partially moving furniture to new spaces may stress your dog. It may also be through repainting your home and rearranging the deco. This tends to make the dog anxious since it is not used to that setup.   When you introduce new people or pets in the house Introduction of new people at home often makes Great Danes uncomfortable. This might be your relative, friends, visitors, or new help. As long as the large dog breed is not used to them, it may end up getting anxious and resort to its destructive behavior.  

Other reasons that can also make your Great Dane anxious include changing its daily routine, the inclusion of new furniture in your living space and the complete transformation of your grooming style. This included change of your cologne. Whenever the large dog notices such, it becomes nervous and can begin chewing on furniture.  

So far, those are the two reasons that will make the Great Dane turn to destruction mode. As you can see, the reasons can further be broken down to several reasons. Remember, there can also be other factors that can make Great Dane anxious, stressed or bored and can trigger it to destroy furniture. 

Types of Furniture Great Danes Chew

You will also notice that Great Dane doesn’t just chew any furniture. It is very selective, and so it will go for specific types. Some of the most preferred furniture are those that are made of wood. This might be a chair, a wardrobe, or a table. They usually use their teeth to scratch off the wood or play around with it.   Great Danes also love all sorts of soft furniture. They typically go for fabric chairs or chairs with leather material. You will find them tearing the fabric with their sharp teeth and later clawing off the spongy parts. They usually resort to these types of furniture in case there is no wood in the house. So, in case you had no idea what has been chewing your wooden furniture as well as fabric seats lately, go ahead and pay close attention to your Great Dane. 

Furniture Great Danes Don’t Chew 

There are certain pieces of furniture that Great Dane doesn’t chew. These include marble furniture and acrylic furniture. If you have the mentioned types, don’t worry about Great Danes chewing on them. And in case you find them with dog marks, consider it a slight mistake because Great Dane will never chew that furniture again. 

How to Stop Great Danes From Destroying Furniture

If your dog is destroying every piece of furniture in your home, worry not. There are ways you can prevent the behavior. If you do it just right, you will not only be able to keep your house in check, but you will also prevent your dog from choking or chipping its tooth in the process. Some of the best ways to stop your Great Dane from chewing wood include getting chewing toys for your Great Dane, using sprays and using the seclusion technique.

Get your Great Dane a Chewing Toy

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that dogs have to chew. This means that it will be unfair to deny them chewing sessions. As soon as you notice your Great Dane is shedding off the initial tooth, you should start introducing it to dog chewing toys before it turns to your furniture. Doing this at an early stage will not only stop it from damaging your furniture, but it will also define its chewing behavior throughout its lifetime. When picking a dog’s chewing toy, go for something that will not break its teeth.  

Great Dane chew toy

To prevent such problems, avoid completely hard dog toys. You should also not pick treats that are small in size. Those will end up choking your dog, and that is one thing you don’t want to see your Great Dane going through. Once you get the treat, teach your dog how to chew and when to chew. Make sure you turn its concentration to the chewing toy and not your furniture. There are so many amazing toys to choose from, for instance, chewing plastic balls, rope balls for dogs, and chewing wood. These are some of the main chewing toys.

Use Sprays to Keep Your Dog Off Your Furniture

This is yet another method that can keep dogs from chewing your furniture. It is useful when combined with dog chew toys. This will ensure your Great Dane stays away from furniture while still satisfying its chewing needs. So how does this work? You can either use bitter apple or other recommended sprays. Apply it on the furniture and go about your business. This spray tends tastes bitter, and so your Great Dane will not be able to chew the furniture on which the spray has been applied.  The method is usually very effective since the Great Dane will not be able to stand the taste of your furniture and so it will keep away. In case you have a dog that rather chews furniture than dog toys, you can go ahead and use this technique. This is always experienced when dealing with full-grown Great Dane that doesn’t seem to go easy on your furniture, and any attempt to keep them off your furniture has failed. 

Furniture spray

Use the Seclusion Technique

Some people refer to the seclusion technique as the bad room method. This is where you use a room to seclude your dog whenever it does something wrong. You first let it know that chewing furniture is bad. Next time it does so, take it to the bad room and leave it alone for a few minutes then let it out. Doing so for some time will make your Great Dane understand that chewing furniture is bad and so it will gradually stop feeding on the furniture. You should, however, give it something to chew on in return. The use of rewards should also accompany this. If it doesn’t chew furniture for some time, you should go ahead and reward it with treats. The combination of bad room and rewards will let it grasp what you are trying to communicate faster. You will thus have an easy time stopping it from chewing furniture. 

From the above information, it is clear that Great Dane is one of the most charming dogs, that is if you are not intimidated by its giant size. It is also the type of dog that will chew your furniture without warning. That is why you have to train it not to do it. The earlier you start the training, the faster it will learn. Just make sure you implement the above methods well enough.

Related Questions

Can Great Danes be left alone?

Great Danes often suffer from separation anxiety and if left alone for long periods can get anxious, causing destructive behavior. When you have to go out, try to make sure that your Great Dane is mentally stimulated and is able to get into a settled routine as much as possible.

Do all Great Danes drool?

All Great Danes drool to a varying degree. Whether your dog will drool a little or a lot is a bit of the luck of the draw. Characteristics such as the shape of the jaws and the dog’s genetics will affect how much it will drool. They will be more likely to drool after eating, drinking or exercise.

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